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12 reasons why 90% of App developers break down 📱

The world has been becoming more advanced every day. Since a few years ago, we can see an increase in new technologies, such as cell phones, and with this, we can notice an increase in applications.

Although, it is not news that only less than 1% of the millions of applications available on the Internet are prosperous despite the amount of hard work that mobile application development companies put into their applications. 

That is why we have listed the twelve reasons why developers fail.

⛔️ Not knowing where to start

Usually, when we want to make an App, we do not know where to start. We walk around aimlessly and start looking on the Internet, getting a lot of information that eventually confuses us more. 

Focus on what you like because you will dedicate time and love to it.

⛔️ Insufficient research and evidence

You cannot be influenced by what you have been listening to or what you see. 

The best thing is that you can analyze correctly and with the right tools so that you can develop something worthwhile in a market that has a place.

⛔️ Do not set a deadline

Making an App does not happen overnight. It requires a time investment. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you can consider the times to make your App.

⛔️ Development in disorder 

You will have an accumulation of functions and information for an App, and when we see it, we will believe that everything is helpful. 

If you already have well established the type of App you will make, make a mockup (map) of what you want your App to do and where each aspect will go in the App, and with it, develop step by step each of the functions and facet that you will incorporate.

⛔️ Not taking into account the design part 

The visual part (logos, backgrounds, font sizes, colors) is important because it will help you attract people to your App. They will identify with it, and you will create emotions with them. A good design and images help you to attract downloads.

⛔️ Not taking ASO into account 

There is a lot of talk about SEO on websites, how complicated it is, and how long it can take. But in Apps, we usually don’t even think about organic SEO.

⛔️ Not considering Marketing 

Taking the time or putting aside money for appropriate marketing campaigns is essential to generate our first downloads, a mental foundation for the success of an App. 

⛔️ Not making a proper publication of our Apps.

Publishing our App in the store involves crucial aspects such as: 

  • The images that are displayed. 
  • The appropriate category according to the purpose of our App. 
  • Keywords in the descriptions. 

If we make correct publishing, we will position it better. 

⛔️ Not following up on reviews 

Usually, we don’t pay attention to reviews, and these help us know what our downloads want and help us with the positioning. 

The more bad reviews, the fewer downloads. 

⛔️ Thinking that it can’t improve

An App is a never-finished work. It is a living thing that always needs to be updated, that has to follow the trend of our comments adds features, so we always have to be attentive to it.


⛔️ Not having analysis tools

It is essential to be capable to, analyze data that can give us indications of how our application is progressing over time. We have to be analyzing errors, competition, and monetization. To perform maintenance and maintain a constant improvement cycle.

⛔️ Not taking advantage of push messages 

Push messages can help us to build download loyaltyWarn of improvements or make communications of interest.

For this, we will make a communication plan to incorporate these aspects.

We will have to add these aspects.


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