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What is disruption, and how to apply it to online marketing?🤔

In a world that is constantly changing, we embark on the search for the easy and fast. The digital audience is not passive at all, is very demanding.

It is why Marketing has a hard time if it follows the same routine paths as before. Ways of always doing the same thing. It is why disruptive marketing has emerged.

To break away from the traditional and get out of the comfort zone and be different. It is the only way to get closer to customers before the competition.

Since disruption is in every aspect of our lives and, as a result of the rapid acceptance of disruptive innovation.

The business community is increasingly aware that this transformative force is involved in every aspect of life and is gaining ground at an unprecedented rate.

And within marketing, especially if it is online, it is no less crucial.


But first, we must know.

💡 What is disruption?

This term comes from the English (disruptive), it is that which produces an abrupt rupture or colloquially breaks with the established, forgets the routine, and generates a paradigm shift. 

In general, this term refers to something that generates a very important or determining change.

The term was formulated by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen and introduced in 1995 with his article Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave, co-authored with fellow professor Joseph Bower.


💡 What is disruptive marketing?

Disruptive marketing is about breaking with convention, it implies knowledge of the status quo of the environment: strategies, competitors, and consumer analysis.

It is to look for the best idea that will help us achieve a vision and thus direct communication to where the brand wants to be in the future.

Every brand seeks to stand out and differentiate itself from others. 

However, the concept of disruptive marketing aims to break with the established, but not only in the visual or advertising.

But at all points of the marketing mix, but without changing its values or positioning strategy, for this a provocative idea is necessary.

Disruptive marketing is about going out of the ordinary and turning a typical idea into something different, which will help us achieve the brand’s vision and its main objective to stand out from the rest.


💡 Why should I be disruptive?

It is no secret that all brands and companies seek to stand out, and that is where disruptive marketing comes in, which is the solution.

Consumers have become resistant, and even immune, to all types of advertising.

So, it is logical to want to make an impact, to be different to become the center of attention.

However, the concept of disruptive marketing aims to be a change, not only in the visual or advertising but in all points of the marketing mix, without changing its values or positioning strategy, for this a provocative idea is necessary.


💡 What is the Big Idea?

When we talk about the big idea or disruptive idea, we are looking for an unconventional, creative, and functional concept or approach that manages to break with the traditional or think outside the box.

Extending the topic a little further, we are talking about the act of developing brand strategies differently than they were created before.

It implies that we do excellent strategic planning and become very creative. 

Also, this type of marketing focuses on the design, first of the strategy, and then of good visual content that your audience will fall in love with it.

It is useless to have good content or a disruptive idea if it isn’t properly presented to your audience, and vice versa.

In short, the big idea or disruptive idea is to see what the ordinary eye does not see.

See beyond the obvious and act accordingly.


💡 How can I be disruptive in the digital environment?

To be disruptive, you can apply the following tips in your digital marketing strategies.

Listen carefully to what is going on around you and in your online community; take advantage of it.

A lot of Creativity.

Good strategic planning.

Your marketers should have an adventurous profile.

A good Marketer has a curiosity for details and things that other people would not easily see.

You have to develop the ability to intuit what other people think and feel.

You had to have the ability to find the sources of inspiration needed for a different campaign.

The storytellers, with which to win people’s affection.

Augmented reality as part of your brand experience.

Share your brand experiences with your audience.

Distribution can be disruptive (use it, do online marketing in formats that are not traditionally).

✅ But above all, personalize your marketing strategy and use User Generated Content.


With all of this, we can achieve that by utilizing what we research, what we have insight into the internet, and social networks, we can do things differently, more efficiently, profitably, and economically.

Our thinking should be geared towards helping brands make online communications ever more innovative, helping them connect with audiences more effectively. 

This is thanks to taking the customer’s experience with our brand as the essential foundation, which is the starting point of disruptive marketing.

In short, disruptive online marketing aims to break with tradition, try new things (innovate, innovate and innovate), and relate to people, which is the most important thing. 


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